2011-04-16: Terrierclubshow Skellefteå

What a day!
*BOB and BIS 2 Raaw Elite Force!
*Raaw Kick Off BOS and CAC!

*Raaw Jack The Ripper 2 best male with CAC!
*Jackobean Il Ré Pastore BIS 2 hunt!
*Kennel Raaw BIS 3 breedersgroup!
*Raaw Oh My God BOS pup!

*Raaw Kiss My 4 best bitch and BIS 3 Junior!

More results:
*Raaw Commander In Chief Excellent and CK!
*Toutchstone Jacks First Comback 2 in juniorclass with Excellent
*Raaw Jet Stream Excellent!
*Raaw Ice Ice Baby Excellent!

Congratulations to Devils son Ellamonte's Magnum Dark Mystery 4 best male in his debut!
Forzzas son Quais Excellent Ego 3 best male with R-cac!

2011-01-07: Congratulations!

Raaw Kick Off got her first BOS and CAC from juniorclass at MYDOG in Gothenburg! Congratulations kennel Virrvarvet!

2010-12-12: Finnish Winnershow

Internationell show Helsinki.66 jrts entered.
Judge: Andrzej Kazmierski

*Saltisgårdens Lincoln Premier second in juniorclass with Excellent!

*Raaw Kiss My third in juniorclass with Excellent!

*Raaw Commander In Chief second in championclass and third best male!
"Beautiful jack russell with exc. expression especially for the male. Fluent in all outlines. Exc. neck shoulders and deap angulations on behind. Moves freely."

*Raaw Elite Force Winner of championclass and BOS!
"At most of medium formate as a malebut excellent in type. Compact with highset tail and well angulated in both ends. But first of all he is a fantastic mover!"

Best breedersgroup with dogs from four diffrent combinations:
Commander In Chief
Hall Of Fame
Elite Force
Kick Off

"Nice group. All animals are in same type and style. One of them is simply lovely in movement!"

Devils beautiful sister Jackobean La Finta Semplice was BOB! Congrats Jenni!

2010-12-11: Helsingfors Winnershow

Internationell show Helsingfors. 51 jrts entered.
Judge: Annukka Paloheimo

*Raaw Kiss My second in juniorclass with excellent and reserv cac!
*Saltisgårdens Lincoln Premier fourth in juniorclass with Excellent!
*Raaw Commander In Chief second in championclass with Excellent and third best male!
*Raaw Elite Force winner of chmpionclass and Best Of Breed!

Best breedersgroup!

2010-11-23: Puppies

Four males and one female born between Raaw Halleluja Moment and Garraboo Fair Dinkum!

2010-10-31: Dark beautys

4 tricoloured bitches born between Jackobean Il Ré Pastore & Raaw Driven Diva.

2010-10-10: Sundsvall SKK

*Raaw Jack The Ripper very good juniorklass!
*Jackobeans Il Ré Pastore 5 best male!
*Raaw Elite Force BOB!

Congratulations also to:
*Forzzas son Quais Excellent Ego winner of juniorclass with Excellent!
*Capones son Vällhagagårds Lucky Luciano second in Juniorclass with Excellent!

2010-09-19: Swedish Jackrussell terrier speciality

*Saltisgårdens Lincoln Premier 2 best male pup 6-9 months.
*Toutchstone Jacks First Comback BOB Puppy 4-6 months and then BIS 2 pup!
*Jackobeans Il Ré Pastore BIS working!
*Raaw Elite Force BIS 2!

2010-09-06: Artificial cave

Capone did two approved test on badger in Bassholma!

2010-09-01: Puppys

Two males and three females born between Raaw Game On and Otwaymist Opal Matrix! All with dark lovely tancolour.

2010-09-02: Volvo

Stella has starred in Volvos new commercial. Two long days and Stella was acting perfect!

2010-08-25: Congrats!

Raaw Head Hunter has gotten his first CAC and BOS in Finland. Super girls!

2010-08-15: Congratulations!

Raaw Grand Slam received his first Danish CAC! Big congratulations to owner Kirsten and Ben, great job!

2010-08-14: Skellefteå dogshow!

Debut in championclass for Raaw Elite Force. BOB and BIS reserv! We are so proud of our little man :-)

2010-07-03: Puppyboom!

7 pups is born 30 June between multichampion Firette´s On The Rocks and Dizeros Hot N Tot. 4 males and 3 bitches!

2010-06-22: Pupps on their way!

Only a week before Alice is expected!

2010-06-21: Congrats!

Raaw Hall Of Fame "Halle" got his first CAC and was BOS in Finland. Biggest congratulations!

2010-06-05: Artificial cave

Devil did a perfect test and gets the huntingtitle J! The father of our upcoming litter Firette´s On The Rocks did a splendid aptitude test!

2010-06-05: Norrköping

Raaw Goes Ga Ga second best bitch! Congrats Lotta & Laila!

2010-05-30: Eskilstuna ÖSTEK

Terrierclubshow in Eskilstuna. Judge: Hans Almgren

Devil second best male, Fleur best intermidiate and best bitch with CAC! Raaw Kick Off 2 best female pup and Raaw Kiss My BOB puppy 4-6 months and BIS 2!

2010-05-23: Welcome

We are welcoming our new male Otwaymist Opal Matrix! Kevin is coowned with kennel Quais but lives with us. Thanks Ingrid and Henrik!

2010-05-22: JRK Östra special

After much planning and more working specialtyshow for eastern Sweden was a fact. 122 entered!

Big thank you to all puppy buyers participating!

Some highlights:

* Raaw Jambalaya BIS PET ---->
* Gullungens Arya BIS 2 Puppy
* Raaw Kick Off BIS 5 Puppy
* Raaw Elite Force BIS 3
* Raaw Jack The Ripper BIS Junior
* Brösing´s Jack Take It Or Leave It BIS 4 & BIS Open & Best progenygroup
* Raaw Goes Ga Ga 4 best bitch
* Raaw Grand Slam 5 best male
* Kennel Raaw Best breeders group
* Stella & Raaw Jack The Ripper Best brace --->
* Raaw Commander In Chief Winner of the race in largegroup

2010-05-16: Congratulations!

Congratulations toBob son Quais Dare Me and owner/handler Viktoria for a super debut in juniorclass. BOB and first CAC!

2010-05-03: Welcome!

Sometimes everything happens at once. We proudly presents our new familymembers!

*Toutchstone Beloved Jack
*Pepper Soul´s African Smile
*Saltisgårdens Lincoln Premier

More info on their own pages.

2010-02-24: Raaw Ambition

2010-02-15: Raaw Ambition

Our superstar has left us! Raaw Ambition died due to an acquired liver malefunction. This is not hereditarily. She is greatly missed!

2009-11-29: NV-09

Judge: Siv Jernhake
Entrys: 63

Jackobean Il Re Pastore made his debut in juniorclass, cc and second in the class. Raaw Ambition winner of championclass and second best bitch!

Raaw Elite Force best male and BOB! This was the second year a Raaw dog was BOB at Norweigan-winnershow!

2009-08-10: Askersund

Raaw Elite Force best junior, best male and BOB! 17 jrt entered and the judge was Svante Frisk.

2009-07-26: New champ!

Raaw Commander In Chief best male and BOB at show in Mikkeli Finland. He is now also Finnishchampion! 31 jrt entered under judge Stefan Sinko.

2009-07-22: Puppy boom!!!

Stella gave birth to 9 puppies! Unfortunatly one little bitch was dead. So left is 8 puppies 4 of each gender!

2009-07-21: Update

Raaw Brainijack was here for some trimming. New photo of him on B-litters page!

2009-07-18: Ilskas puppies born!

Tre males and one little bitch is born. More info se puppypage!

2009-07-09: Congratulations!

Raaw Grand Slam BIS 2 puppy at Rostock dogshow!

Way to go Kirsten & Ben!

2009-06-29: Congratulations!

Raaw Heads Up and Raaw Hang Up entered internationel show in Las Palmas. Hang Up BOS puppy and Heads Up BOB, BIG and BIS 2!

Fantastic job Jaime & big hug from us!

2009-06-14: Vännäs

The second day Raaw Elite Force was BOS at Vännäs dogshow with his second CAC!

2009-06-13: Success for Forzza!

Raaw Elite Force BOB at Vännäs dogshow with his fist CAC. He ended the day as BIG 4!

2009-05-31: What a debut!

Jackobean Il Re Pastore started his show carrier as BOB puppy 4-6 months and then BIS puppy! Our tricolour racerboy from the east is a little star :-)

Raaw Halleluja Moment also made her debut BOS puppy with price of honour!

2009-05-31: Congratulations!

Raaw Hall Of Fame made his ringdebut in Finland with splendid results! BOB puppy and BIG 4!!! Super job girls!

2009-05-24: Update

Brösing´s Jack Take It Or Leave It had a new frontpicture on his page!

2009-05-23: Congratulations!

Raaw Heads Up & Raaw Hang Up made their showdebut with great results! Best female and male puppy! Congratulations Jaime :-)

2009-05-22: Success at Piteå dogshow!

Raaw Ambition BOB and new Swedish and Norweigan champion!

Raaw Commander In Chief BOS and new swedish champion!

Raaw Elite Force second best male, 41 jrt entering!

It was a true jackpot :-)

2009-04-30: New dogpages

Devil and Zelda has got their own pages now.

2009-04-29: Grand opening!

Our new page is up and running. Many new english pages to explore! Some things arent 100% ready but it´s a work in progress :-)